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Error is the normal state of our knowledge, and it is no disgrace. There is nothing bad about false philosophy…

Bad philosophy has always existed too. For instance, children have always been told, ”Because I say so”… First, it is a perfect example of bad explanation: it could be used to ”explain” anything.

Second, … it is about who said something, not what they said…

Third, it reinterprets a request for true explanation (…) as a request for justification

Fourth, it confuses  the nonexistent authority for ideas with human authority (power)… And,

fifth, it claims by this means to stand outside the jurisdiction of normal criticism. (David Deutsch: The Beginning of Infinity)

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Sverre Sjölander: Från Urhund till Sällskapshund – En zoologs funderingar över hundens historia, beteende och psykologi

Yuval Noah Harari: Sapiens – A Brief History of Humankind

David Deutsch: The Beginning of Infinity – Explanations that Transform the World

Thomas Sowell: Race and Culture – a World View

Philip Tetlock/Dan Gardner: Superforecasting – The Art & Science of Prediction

Mark Changizi: Harnessed – How Language and Music Mimicked Nature and Transformed Ape to Man

Dave Eggers: Era fäder, var är de? Och profeterna, lever de kvar för evigt?

Norman Ohler: Droger i Tredje Riket – Det dopade blixtkriget

Torkel Klingberg: Hjärna, gener och jävlar anamma – Hur barn lär

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